We are a small, family owned business located in South Central Kentucky.  We have a kennel that includes AKC registered Beagles, Walker Coon hounds and Original Mountain Curs.  For years we have been looking for a pet food that is exceptional in quality and performance results for a reasonable price.  A few months ago, a good friend asked me if I was familiar with Victor Dog Food.  I had not heard of it at that time.  With his help, he gave me some names of people he knew from another part of the country that were feeding Victor food.  I was able to get good information and made a decision to purchase several of the formulations of the Victor products to pass out to friends who have performance dogs and see how the food compared to other products they were feeding.  In addition, we switched all of our dogs to the Victor products to see with our own eyes.

The results were amazing.  We started noticing within seven to ten days a difference in our dogs coats, energy levels and performance.  We also got great feedback from the other folks who had given the Victor feed a test run.  Not one person reported anything but positive results and all have now converted to the Victor foods.  We are excited to represent Victor Dog Food and Distribute the thirteen formulations of the Dog Food and also the Cat Food to our Dealers.